FITRITION leads the fitness industry when it comes to helping people efficiently and effectively reach their fitness goals.
We offer Buti Barre, Fit Lab (HIIT / Functional Fitness), HIIT Factory Boxing, HelixCycle Hybrid Spinning Concept, Revive IV Hydration, Knead This Massage, DTC Dark Tan Company Organic Spray Tans, discounted personal training, and more!
Fitrition is a results based fitness concept which will be evident the second you walk through the door by our client testimonials and their fact based results. At Fitrition we understand that for clients to reach specific goals that we must address not only exercise, but nutrition and mindset as well. This philosophy is at the core of our fast growing fitness community.

Fitrition is not only a gym but a fast growing fitness community. We have taken the popular and effective boutique fitness concept to the next level by combining multiple boutique fitness concepts under one roof. Buti Barre (Barre), FitLab (Functional Fitness / HIIT), HIIT Factory (Kickboxing), and the evolution of studio cycle... HelixCycle!! Monthly social events are hosted for our members and their guests.

Fitrition offers FREE Nutrition Coaching as well as FREE Yoga and Pound classes each week. All this and more for less then our competitions 1 concept price!! Fitrition members also save on their chiropractic, massage and organic spray tan services.

Fitrition also has full locker rooms and a shake bar / nutrition club that includes Fitrition Kitchen which features healthy, pre-prepped, ready to eat meals!!

Whether you have serious fitness goals, interested in diversify your workouts, or are looking to be a part of a growing fitness community Fitrition is for you!!