February 9, 2015
Lindsey M
February 5, 2015
My name is Sylvia McKee & thanks to Herbalife I’m in the best shape of my life! I started out very young doing gymnastics, playing sports and being extremely athletic overall. With being athletic wanting to look good just comes naturally. As I got older I learned more and more about health & fitness. I’ve always had the drive to want to know more and be better than before. This is what brought me to Herbalife. Before finding Herbalife I was working out 3-4 hours a day and only eating about 800 calories a day. I pretty much only ate raw veggeis, fruits and lean meats which was boring and redundant. Every day I would wake up and do an hour of “fasted cardio” before eating or drinking anything. I thought that was the best way to get my body going and burn calories. Then I would run for an hour on my lunch break. After work it was back to the gym for an hour on the stair master and hour of weight training. I was a cardio junkie! The more I worked out the more I needed to in order for my body to show results. I was also doing kickboxing, power lifting, boxing, and Crossfit. I had plateaued and nothing was changing it. I followed a stupid plan of burning at least twice the amount of calories than I ate every day. It got to the point that I always felt tired and weak, never having enough energy. I wanted to get results but didn’t know how. I was already working out at every opportunity I got. I realized I was unhealthy and needed change.

This is when I finally agreed to give Herbalife a try. I kept seeing lots of weight loss posts and just decided that the worst thing that could happen would be it didn’t work. So, I gave my commitment to be consistent with it for 6 weeks. It didn’t even take one week for my body to notice a difference! Within the first week I felt stronger, thought more clearly and had more energy. I also started noticing a little weight loss and was instantly hooked. As the next few weeks went on using the Herbalife products things kept getting better & better. I went from 148lbs & 20% body fat down to 140lbs and 14% body fat, which I have maintained for the past two years of using the products. I never realized it’s all about how and when you supply your body with nutrients that makes it work. I no longer do fasted cardio. In fact, I only workout 2 hours a day which doesn’t involve too much cardio! Even better, there’s no more starving myself! I’m currently eating about 120 grams of protein a day (depending on my workouts) and about 1600 calories. I’ve never eaten so much and felt so great! Staring Herbalife was the best thing I could have ever done for myself mentally, physically and overall. I couldn’t be more thankful that I made the lifestyle change.

Lindsey M

(Consumers who use Herbalife Formula 1 twice per day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around 0.5 to 1 pound (0.2 – 0.4 kilos) per week.
Participants in a 12-week, single-blind, study used Herbalife Formula 1 twice per day (once as a meal and once as a snack) with a reduced calorie diet and a goal of 30 minutes of exercise per day. Participants followed either a high protein diet or a standard protein diet. Participants in both groups lost about 8.5 pounds (3.8 kilos).)